Erdogan, WISE UP!

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Erdogan, WISE UP!

By Leonidas Koumakis*

Is there anything left we haven’t heard in these days of June 2022?

A raging chorus of various courtiers in “Erdogan’s Palace”, from political and military government officials, party officials, conscripted journalists of the controlled media, former soldiers of the Turkish “Deep State” to the fascist-collaborators of the Turkish power, set out to convince uninformed Turks and unsuspecting citizens about Turkey’s so-called “entitlements” owed by Greece and Cyprus.

Aiming at the most primitive instincts of a (supposedly) easy snatch of foreign wealth, the “raging chorus”, with the panicked Turkish president himself as the soloist, is desperately trying to discover a rudimentary “fig leaf” to conceal its neo-Ottoman fantasies and rescue itself from the upcoming electoral debacle.

Once upon a time it was the “borders of the heart” which of course did not fit into the current geographical borders of Turkey.  Now they’ve discovered the “militarization of the Aegean islands”, as if it were not Turkey itself that since 1975 created the “Army of the Aegean” with the sole target being  the Greek islands of the Aegean. They discovered a “violation of the Treaty of Lausanne” as if they don’t mangle the facts, as if Turkey itself did not disgrace the Treaty of Lausanne in dozens of cases with the foremost example being the dissolution of Hellenism and the self-government of the islands of Imbros and Tenedos, which went from a 92% Christian population when the Treaty of Lausanne was signed, to a present day just … 1%!

The aggression, the hostility, the wickedness, the arrogance and the despair that emerges through this raging upstart chorus, reveals the explosive deadlocks to which they have led today’s Turkey, the Islamists of R.T. Erdogan, the Grey Wolves of Devlet Bahceli in outstanding cooperation with the Turkish underworld and the Turkish mafia.

These deadlocks (from the Erdoganomics, the scandals, the infected wounds opened by Erdogan in foreign countries and are continuously hemorrhaging with coffins arriving plunging thousands of families into mourning, the entanglement with the Turkish mafia, to the oppression at home and the “adaptation” of individual rights to the demands of the regime) have gradually steered the whole of Turkey into an acute phase of disease.

The explosive deadlocks or the “treatment” for the Turkish acute illness are impossible to deal with through the processes of a normal, Western-style, election. This is because all the polls of recent years show that R. T. Erdogan will lose the presidential post to all his (potential) opponents to date, even under conditions of electoral fraud. An indispensable prerequisite includes the votes of the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), which is the undisputed, controlling factor for the outcome of Turkey’s presidential elections, which is why Erdogan is hastily attempting a new “liquidation” of Kurds inside Syria, dragging the opposition into an extremely difficult position in order to lose that crucial percentage of the pro-Kurdish HDP making his defeat certain. He knows very well, of course, that if he is defeated, not only is his own head in danger, but also that of the most important officials of the presidential court.

Based on these facts and the nucleus of the notorious National Intelligence Organization (MIT), led by the shadowy personality of Fintan Hakan, i.e. Erdogan’s right-hand man throughout the mire and the dark operations of the Turkish power, many different “scenarios” are analyzed that will ensure that Erdogan remains in Turkish power without elections – unless the conditions for a new electoral “victory” are secured in time. The prevailing scenarios seem to have been mainly limited to two:

The first scenario has already begun to be implemented, as an attempt is being made to exploit Turkey’s “cooperation” with Russia in the Ukrainian war. With the superficial “identification” of interests at this particular juncture (Russian tolerance or support for Turkish fantasies, Turkish service of Russian interests inside and outside NATO) Turkey attempts to prepare the climate for a “war crisis” with Greece and / or Cyprus. 

This effort accompanied by his fanatical statements -“Greece will have a disastrous end”, “For those who make provocations await drowning in the sea”, “The result of the (Greek) provocations in our territorial waters is sinking, in the bellies of fish, the seabed”, “We can come suddenly one night” etc. – aims at cultivating a suitable environment that will be exploited when the time comes as well as at disorienting popular attention from the intense,  excruciating and daily symptoms of the severe Turkish illness, in the direction of a nauseating but welcome “loot” in foreign riches. Moreover, the constant nurturing of such an eventuality consistently attracts the uneducated masses, strengthening the electoral clientele of the regime.

Objectively, and on the basis of common sense, the 52 million tourists expected this year in Turkey, (with the Turkish economy being totally dependent on the rich revenues it will generate), forbid the excess of verbal vagrancy in any attempt to act on the ground. Moreover, the failure of any “attempt”, whether in Greece or Cyprus, automatically means the collapse of the regime and the possible execution of its leadership, summarily.

Nevertheless, the creation of a “mortal enemy” outside Turkey is an absolutely necessary “way out” for the Turkish regime. Syria has represented a similar “way out” in the past, accompanied by Ottoman zurnas and davuls in August 2016, during the first Turkish invasion of that country torn by civil war. However, at the current juncture Syria does not cause the desired reflexes in the common masses and the ideal choice for the present occasion, “mortal enemy», can only be Greece. 

If, however, there is a plan for an “attempt to act on land”, the most likely time of its manifestation should be a few days or a few weeks before the Turkish elections and if, despite all efforts, a (theoretical) electoral “victory” of the regime has not been achieved. In such a case, any “skirmish” on land would provide an opportunity to postpone the elections and perpetuate the power of the Islamist, fascist, and Turkish underworld regime.

The second prevailing scenario seems to be an organizationally improved repetition of the chaos that appeared in Turkey in 2015-2016 and led to Erdogan’s omnipotence after the (alleged) coup d’état of July 2016. Then again, the polls provided no certainty of a victory for the Islamists after the 2014 parliamentary elections when Erdogan first lost an absolute majority resulting in the implementation of MIT’s dark plans with bombings at Kurdish election rallies attributed to Islamists or … Kurds!

For example, on July 20 2015, “unknowns” bombed the cultural center of the city of Suruç (near Turkey’s border with Syria) at 12 noon. At that time, a press conference was being held on the reconstruction of the (Kurdish) city of Kobani, which became a symbol of resistance throughout the world.  The bloody result of the bombing of the “unknowns”?  Thirty-two dead, more than 100 wounded, among them 10 children and 4 infants.

Earlier, just two days before the June 7, 2015 elections, five supporters of the pro-Kurdish HDP party  were killed by an explosion of two bombs placed by “unknown elements” at a rally in the southeastern Turkish town of Diyarbakir, and after the elections there was a slew of allegations of electoral fraud and violence against “opposition” parliamentary candidates, activists, ordinary supporters, etc. 

The terror felt by the masses of people of approaching uncontrollable chaos and civil war within Turkey, the regime’s overt boast that security within Turkey can only be secured by R. T. Erdogan and no one else, led to the much-needed “rallying” around the palace, paving the way for the hyperpowers that R. T. Erdogan gave to himself with the corrupt referendum of 4/16/2017 and the (adulterated) percentage of votes at 51.4%.

Conclusions: With these two prevailing scenarios being desperately worked out, Erdogan, the MIT and the Deep State of Turkey are literally playing with fire. Moreover, given the deep divisions in Turkish society, they pose increased risks for a civil war within Turkey. And what is worse, it is very likely that the resulting developments will force the regime to simultaneously “implement” both scenarios!

In order to save itself and perpetuate its absolute power, the Turkish regime is ruthlessly playing with the lives, freedom, and property of thousands of people while putting the integrity of Turkey at great risk by constantly driving it towards the precipice.

R. T. Erdogan is now increasingly reminiscent of Benito Mussolini who boasted that Hitler would learn that he occupied Greece from the newspapers, but a few years later found himself hanged upside down in Milan’s central square.

Hence the title of this article: Erdogan, finally wise up!

Translated by Prof. Ellene Phufas

(*)member of the International Hellenic Association (IHA)


The articles which are published on the IHA website express the sole opinions of the authors – members of IHA.  The website of the IHA neither censors nor interferes in the articles and reports of the membership of the IHA.


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