Turkey 2023: How Erdogan Heads Towards “Elections”…

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Turkey 2023: How Erdogan Heads Towards “Elections”…

By Leonidas Koumakis*

The “fraudster dictator” of neighboring Turkey (according to opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu) will hold “elections” next year (2023) in order to legitimize his stay in power for another five years and to save his head along with the “Erdoğan Familia”, his entire gang of palace courtiers, private army (SADAT), underworld barons, drug dealers and all categories of “businessmen”.

Of course, the Turkish constitution prohibits his serving a third term as President of the Republic of Turkey, but for R. T. Erdoğan, who has already served two terms as President of the Turkish Republic, these “obstacles” are considered a game. 

The pre-election period has already begun with the implementation of a plan to choke off any reaction against the power of Islamists and fascists, as well as the systematic mass media “bombardment” of the uninformed populations of the Orient with unlimited doses of lies, megalomania and arrogance, in order to forget their ever-increasing hunger.

A small sample of the conditions under which the Turkish “elections” will be held displays what has happened only in the last weeks of October 2022:

On 10/14/2022 a new law stipulates imprisonment for the “crime” of disinformation. This “crime” includes activities of such a broad generality that if e.g. you click Share or Retweet on one post on the internet that you like but which the Turkish regime disapproves of, you risk three years in prison. And do not be concerned that there will be a shortage of prisons as the construction of twenty new prisons in 2023 in Turkey was officially announced in addition to the dozens of new prisons built in recent years. 

On 10/17/2022 a massive explosion at a coal mine in Amasra (Mardin province in northwestern Turkey) claimed the lives of 41 workers, causing an uproar across Turkey. R.T. Erdoğan attributed the death of the 41 people to destiny (kader), adding that “all the injured are treated the best”. Erdoğan thus tried to cover up as much as possible the enormous responsibilities of loyal subjects of the palace – the owners and managers of the coal mine – who had been repeatedly warned of the dangers posed by the oppressive ‘exploitation’ of the mine and lack of basic regulations regarding the protection of workers.   

On 10/18/2022 the Firat News Agency (Kurdish news agency FNA News) released a video in which two members of the PKK were convulsing after a Turkish attack in the region of Iraqi Kurdistan, in which a number of allegations were made claiming that banned chemical weapons were being used. Two days later, during a live broadcast of Medya Haber TV, Dr. Şebnem Korur Fincancı (top forensic pathologist, well known human rights activist and president of the Turkish Medical Association – TTB), called for an investigation into reports that the Turkish army used “toxic chemical gasses” against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, making it clear that she was not accusing the Turkish army of using chemical weapons, but was simply asking for an investigation into these reports. Apparently the involuntary movements of the people shown in the video could occur under the influence of a chemical substance on their nervous system and she claimed that  therefore an investigation should be carried out into this incident.

In record time, the Ankara Prosecutor General’s Office launched an “investigation” of Dr Fincancı, while the “partners” of the Turkish power structure of Erdoğan and Bahçeli took the opportunity to get rid of both the disturbing presence of Dr. Şebnem Korur Fincancı in the presidency of the Turkish Medical Association and to muddy the waters for the very dangerous issue that had arisen. To achieve this, they made statements about the  “excommunication” of the famous activist, and the prosecuting authorities moved with “lightning speed”:  Dr.  Fincancı was arrested at her home on 10/26/2022 for disseminating “propaganda of a terrorist organization” and for “publicly insulting the Turkish nation, the state of the Republic of Turkey and its institutions”. Those who dared to support her while she was being transferred to Turkish “courts” were violently attacked by the police, followed by arrests of members of the Confederation of Public Sector Workers’ Unions, of the Union of Civil Servants of Health and Social Services as well as many students. Dr.  Fincancı was locked up in the women’s prison of Shinkan, while the next day (10/27/2022) Kurdish activists gathered in front of the United Nations (UN) building in Geneva to protest the UN’s silence on Turkey’s continued use of chemical weapons against Kurdish rebels. In the next few days, the protests had spread to eleven different European cities.

On 10/20/2022, the Central Bank of Turkey again reduced its lending interest rate by 150 basis points, to 10.5% with “official” inflation as of September 2022 being 83.4% (unofficially it is more than double that). Of course, the Central Bank reduces the interest rate on cheap money it charges only to its own clique since commercial banks throughout Turkey lend at three and four times the interest rate to common citizens and the entire market! As for the exchange rate of the Turkish Lira (T.L.), it is now “flirting” with 19 T.L. against both the dollar and the Euro.

On 10/23/2022, immediately after the failed visit of R. T. Erdogan to Diyarbakir, 11 Kurdish journalists were arrested. In Diyarbakir, despite the mobilization of schools, public services and the flood of messages on the mobile phones of local residents for the “mandatory attendance” of Erdogan’s speech, at least 100 bus coaches from neighboring cities were hired to fill the gaps at the audience venue. The 11 arrested Kurdish journalists were added to the list of dozens of other journalists held in Turkish prisons, resulting in repeated accusations by the International Federation of Journalists of repression, censorship, and the violent persecution of press freedom in Turkey. 

In recent months, Turkish authorities have increased the number of banned concerts because the regime seeks to “limit foreign influences” on Turkish youth. On 10/27/2022 it became known that the famous singer Gülsen Bayraktar Chobanoglu, who expresses the ideals of pop culture in Turkey was threatened with a three-year prison sentence for a joke that (supposedly) offended the religious sensitivities of the faithful. 

In the month of October 2022, a massive “brainwashing” campaign began through the regime-controlled media with an advertising spot-song titled “The hope of the people of Erdoğan, his name is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan” in which – among others – crowds of people appear to be sprinkling the absolute “ruler” of Turkey with roses and flowers.


As Turkey heads towards its so called “elections” it holds 147th place among 179 countries in the world in terms of democracy (October 2022, Gothenburg University), it is listed in the top ten countries whose workers suffer the worst conditions (International Trade Union Confederations), it holds on to its reputation as being one of the most illiberal countries in terms of internet access (October 2022,  Freedom House organization) while the grim conditions prevailing in the areas of press freedom and individual rights are well known. In addition, Turkey has become a center for drug trafficking to Europe – and beyond. (Geopolitical Drug Observatory – OGD, European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Addiction (EMCDDA).

As if these dire statistics were not enough, the world observes daily lies, displays of arrogance, and megalomania that challenge common sense such as Erdoğan squawking “We will fight inflation, we will fight entanglements, we will fight the drug trade… Turkey is by no means a country that consists of the borders shown on today’s maps… The Aegean is ours… The borders of our hearts are as wide as described by our ancestors… Turkey rises as a power in politics, economy, technology and diplomacy…Turkey has been to space 4 times…” and many other exaggerated boasts. Finally, the hundreds of victims of the various “operations” in Syria and Iraq (the actual numbers of victims are far more than officially announced), complete the landscape in which Turkey is heading towards “elections” in 2023.

R. T. Erdoğan is not at all willing to lose power (and his head) and could use as a last resort Article 119 (the “state of emergency” clause of the new Turkish constitution), which was tailor-made and “approved” by the rigged referendum of April 16, 2017, at a slim majority of 51.4%. In the event of the ‘forced’ use of Article 119 as a weapon to remain in power, it cannot be ruled out that we may find ourselves in conditions of internal turmoil and even of civil war. 

If, despite all the efforts of the regime, namely the failure of the various scenarios for dealing with a possible defeat and widespread fraud, the “Erdoğan system” ultimately loses the elections but refuses to hand over power by declaring a “state of emergency”, then a civil war in Turkey is more than likely to erupt.

Leonidas Koumakis was born in Constantinople (Istanbul), from which he along with his family were forced to leave in 1964 due to the deportation of his father. He studied at the Zografeio Gymnasium in Constantinople (Istanbul) and at the Law School of the University of Athens. While attending law school, in 1967, he began working in a well-known Greek wine producer where he remained for 30 consecutive years and where he served as General Manager and Director of Exports. In the decade of 2003 – 2013 he was involved in print and electronic publications. He served as the President of the Historical Association of Constantinopolitans (founded in 1928). Since the 1990s he has been a continual member of the International Hellenic  Association (IHA) – formerly HEC. His timeless, autobiographical book on Turkish policy towards Hellenism –  The Miracle – A true story   (1992) – is available completely free of charge, both in Greek and English, in the electronic library of the International  Hellenic Association website.

Translated by Prof. Ellene Phufas

Τα άρθρα που δημοσιεύονται στην ιστοσελίδα του ΙΗΑ εκφράζουν αποκλειστικά τους συγγραφείς – μέλη του ΙΗΑ. Η ιστοσελίδα του ΙΗΑ δεν λογοκρίνει, ούτε επεμβαίνει σε άρθρα – κείμενα των μελών του ΙΗΑ.


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  1. Warm congratulations to the author Mr. Leonidas Koumakis for his wise and prophetic thoughts that brings to my mind an image of Erdogan’s beheading like that of Ceausescu.
    Congratulations also to our friend Mrs. Eleni Foufas for the excellent translation in English.

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