Letter to Talk show host of Boston


July 15, 2015



With regard to your moronic labeling of Greece as “Europe’s Welfare State”. It is not abundantly clear what function talk show host
in society. Clearly, you are not educated on Greek or international affairs. You are certainly not a historian or an expert or a journalist
or anyone who does research and seeks out information. You see, an accurate assessment that contains knowledge and expertise of
a subject are necessities for an informed opinion.

Having just returned from Greece and having come across your idiotic comments it is clear you have no clue as to what you are talking
about. The Greeks as they have numerous times in their history are struggling to survive. A humanitarian crisis is eminent from factors
having nothing to do with Greeks wanting what belongs to other people. The Greeks have been subject austerity programs which have
been extremely harsh and the money has not made its way to the people who need it.

You have never been to Greece, you have never met any Greeks, and so the whole country is entirely foreign to you. The subject matter
is just a little more complicated than welfare and freeloaders and beyond the intellectual capacity of the average demagogue with a historyNof racist remarks. The Greeks are greater than you think for they have survived centuries of Ottoman Turkish rule and genocide, as well  as Nazi occupation, brutal civil wars, and military dictatorships.

Your absurd support for Germany’s over Greece is indicative that you have no idea what you are talking about. Spare your listeners the
drivel of the hard working German having to turn over his money to lazy Greeks. The Germans had no problem with taking other people’s
countries during the Second World War, including Greece. The Nazis slaughtered at least 300,000 Greeks during the brutal Nazi occupation
and many died from famine. The Germans also looted Greece by stealing their Gold.

Germany has never compensated Greece for the atrocities perpetrated, nor for the Gold that they stole. German debts to all their victims were
forgiven in 1952, so spare everyone the lectures. The Germans also could not have become the economic power they have become without
being rebuilt by the United States. Whatever the fault of the Greek people, they have never systematically slaughtered fifty million people,
nor did they ever conceive and plan “The Final Solution of the Jewish Question”. The Holocaust was planned and implemented by educated

German doctors performed medical experiments on Jews, Slavs, and Gypsies. The Greeks have a long, long way before descending to the
depths of sadism and barbarism that the Germans did. Of course, the present generation of Germans are not responsible for the crimes of
their ancestors, but there history demonstrates that they have no business moralizing. Nor does some illiterate radio talk show host who
thinks reading a newspaper here and there makes him some sort of expert on Greece because Athens has been in the news.

There are two hundred Greeks named in the Yad Vashem in Jerusalem honored for rescuing Jews. Today, the Greeks have been doing their
best taking in refugees from wars that they never started nor participated in. The Greek economy has taken a heavy hit from all these  refugees but the Greek people through their Orthodox Church have been doing their best to assist them and provide humanitarian relief  during a horrible crisis. This is Christianity a faith received by the Greeks from Saint Paul which prospered during the Empire of Constantinople for a millenium and which protected the Greeks during the long centuries of Ottoman Turkish rule.

You are neither a Doctor, nor a Scientist, nor a Professor. Radio talk show hosts contribute nothing to the world. It is a profession of
narcissists and megalomaniacs. Talk show hosts have a limited influence to small audiences. The Greeks are well known for democracy, philosophy, and drama. They are also responsible for Christianity. Christian theology and dogmas of the Church Fathers in the East used Greek terms to clarify and explain dogma. Greece is also responsible for the making of Saints as can be seen by the recent Elders Paisios and Porphyrion of the Holy Mountain of Mount Athos. Not that you would know who these people are.

There is nothing more cowardly and more inhumane than taking pleasure in the suffering of others. Radio talk show hosts have for
example gleefully endorsed the invasion of Iraq which resulted not only in the destruction of innocent lives, but the destruction of Iraq’s
Christian communities. Certain talk show hosts thought that the horrible degradation of human beings at Abu Ghraib was nothing more than a night out at Vegas. From such people, rationality, responsibility sensitivity, and general understanding are inconceivable.

Greeks are not lazy Sir. Your opinions are based on ignorance because you are too lazy to learn anything about them before celebrating
their present miseries.

Theodore Karakostas

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