Letter to His Eminence Metropolitan Serapheim

 of  Piraeus,


June 21, 2016


Your Eminence,


We are Greek Orthodox Christians that are undertaking an effort to safeguard and preserve the Great Church of Hagia Sophia of
Constantinople. Since June 6, the Turkish authorities have permitted Koranic prayers to be recited within Saint Justinian’s Church,
the model for Orthodox Churches emanating from the Holy Gospel and the theology and dogma of our faith. We are outraged at the
actions of the Turkish authorities and consider this yet another act of persecution against the Greek Orthodox in particular, and against
the Orthodox world in general.

We have established a petition online to collect signatures expressing opposition to the actions of the Turkish government. We believe
the actions of the Turkish government serve as a declaration of intent to eventually convert Hagia Sophia into a Mosquw which we construe as
a blasphemous action considering that the Church of the Holy Wisdom of God is named for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ himself.
We further consider the potential damage to the iconography of Hagia Sophia that would result from Turkey’s eventual plans to be
a further attack on the Orthodox faith. As such, we ask if your Eminence can inform the faithful of your Metropolis if they are
interested in going online and supporting our efforts by signing our petition.

The petition

Most Thankfully,

International Hellenic Association (USA)