Letter to his Beautitude Patriarch

Theodoros of Alexandria and All Africa


June 18, 2016


Letter to His Beautitude Patriarch Theodoros of Alexandria and All Africa

Your Beautitude,

We write to you as Greek Orthodox Christians to inform you of the effort we have undertaken on behalf of the preservation of the
Great Church of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. SInce June 6, Islamic prayers have been read on a daily basis in the Church of
Hagia Sophia which we consider to be a sacrilege against the Great Church. We wish to make you aware of an online petition we
have established to draw signatures opposing the change of status for Hagia Sophia.

We respectfully ask that this be made known to the faithful of the see of Alexandria so that those wish may give support to the effort to preserve
the Christian origins of Hagia Sophia which will be in danger if the Turkish government proceeds to go beyond its current actions and
proceeds to make Hagia Sophia a Mosque. We are cognizant of the fact that the Great Church is named for our Lord and Saviour
Jesus Christ and the damage that may be done to the iconography would be a loss for Christianity, Hellenism, and the world at
large as Hagia Sophia as the product of the Holy Gospel and Orthodox dogma stands as testimony to the beauty and splendor
of the Christian faith.

The petition

Most Thankfully,

International Hellenic Association (USA)