Letter to His Beatitude Simeon,

 Metropolitan of Prague and the Czech Lands and Slovakia,

June 19, 2016

Your Beatitude,

We are writing to you as Orthodox Christians to bring to the attention of the Czech Orthodox Church of our efforts that are
under way on behalf of the Hagia Sophia of Constantinople. Since June 6, Muslim prayers have been recited in the former
Church of Hagia Sophia which has led us to establish an online petition to inform Orthodox Christians throughout the world
about what is presently occurring. The Hagia Sophia is the expression of the Holy Gospel and the sacred dogmas and
theology of our Holy Orthodox Church.

We are terribly aggrieved by the actions of the authorities in Turkey that have permitted Muslim prayers to be said in
Hagia Sophia whose name the Church of the Holy Wisdom of God refers to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We seek
to inform the most holy Church of the Czech lands and its faithful, our brothers and sisters in the faith of this development.

We would be most grateful if the Church of the Czeach could inform its faithful about this petition and we would be truly and profoundly grateful for all the signatures emanating from your faithful.
Most Thankfully,

The petition


Most Thankfully,

International Hellenic Association (USA)