Dr. John Psarouthakis CV



I, “Dr. John”, was born in the city of Chania, Crete, Greece. Grew up there through the Second World War and the Civil strife / war that followed. Finished a science oriented high school in Chania. I applied to MIT where I was accepted and came to the USA to study. Later on I also studied at the University of Maryland, and Carnegie-Mellon University.
My wife, Antigoni Kefalogiannis, and I reside in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Briefly, Career areas:
-The USA Space program in its early years,
–Management of Technology Centers,
–Corporate Executive,
–Founder of the industrial Group, JPIndustries, Inc. (see note below), it became a Fortune 500 Corporation (the first Greek American born in Greece to do so)
–Vice Chairman, Industrial Technology Institute, Ann Arbor, Michigan
–Professor of Corporate Strategy and Acquisitions, University of Michigan
–Senior Lecturer, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts
–Advised three Michigan Governors,
–Chairman of Strategic Fund of Michigan (Economic Development Agency)
–Belonged to a small mid-west group of advisors to president Busch (father),
–Advisor to Prime Minister C. Mitsotakis, Athens, Greece
–Member of several Boards and Committees of Academic Institutions and Businesses
–Have authored / co-authored several books and numerous articles and studies.
Notes: JPIndustries, Inc. had 7700 employees in the USA and Europe. This group was merged to large strategic group. Dr. John was its Chairman and President til its merger was complete.
Subsequently, he Founded and was Chairman of a second industrial group, JPEnterprises, Inc., that had over 2000employees.This group was bought by a private fund.

Diploma: Science High School, Chania, Crete.
BSc: Mechanical Eng. MIT.
MSc: Mech. Eng. MIT.
PhD: Mechanical and Nuclear Eng. University of Maryland.
PFE: Graduate School of Industrial Management, Carnegie-Mellon University.
Honorary Degrees:
PhD, Eastern Michigan University,
DSc, Cleary University,
Diploma, Western Iowa College.

Scholarships Endowed and Given
MIT: annual
“The John Psarouthakis and Elisabeth Paleologou” Scholar Award, since 1991. For students of Greek origin if there are such qualified students, if not the award goes to other qualified students.
Elisabeth, my maternal grandmother’s sister. A brilliant and very wise person that brought me up after my parents died when I was three years old!
“The John Krinkelis” Scholar Award, since 1996. John was a brilliant student and was awarded the above scholarship. Unfortunately he was killed in a traffic accident.
Carnegie Mellon University: Annual
“The Anastasia Zacharias” scholar since 1992.
Anastasia wrote me about a “good” engineering school in Cambridge, Massachusetts that turned out to be MIT
Technology University of Crete and Kritiki Estia
The PAIDEIA Foundation, my family Foundation gave scholarships, over a five year period, to 50 outstanding students under the direction of my wife Antigoni Kefalogiannis, Director of Greek Programs.

Current Business Activities

Founder and Managing Director of JP-Management Center, llc (http://www.jpmcenter.com) that provides CEO and Senior Executive Coaching and Advisory Services in person or via the Internet, Strategic Growth Model Development and Organizational Effectiveness. Selectively lectures on Business Enterprise and Society, and on Technology and Society.

Executive Editor, The Business Thinker, llc. (Www.BusinessThinker.com)

Prior Business Affiliations

JPE inc, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Founded 1992 and sold in 1998.
He was its Founder and Chairman.O

J.P. Industries, Inc. (JPI), Ann Arbor, Michigan, (1978-1990) Founder, Chairman, and President.
Founded this manufacturing and Distribution Industrial Group that capitalized on the application of modern management and manufacturing and Distribution (Logistic) techniques to existing product lines. Through internal growth and acquisitions, achieved NYSE listing as a multi-industry company in the United States, Europe and Japan. JPI, within ten years, became a Fortune 500 global company with annual sales of $600 million. JPI was strategically merged into T&N plc of England in 1990.
o Masco Corporation, Taylor, Michigan (a multi-industry corporation) (1970-1978)
Corporate Vice President for Planning and Technology
Group Vice President for International Operations
o Allis Chalmers, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1966-1970)
Director of Technology Center, including Space Vehicle related research and development, New Products Planning, and Market Research
o Martin Marrieta, Baltimore, Maryland (1962-1966)
Senior Scientist and Department Manager of R&D on Energy Conversion systems for Space Vehicles
o Thermo Electron Corporation, Waltham, Massachusetts (1958-1962)
Department Manager, Vacuum Thermionics for Space Vehicles
• Boston Edison, Boston, Massachusetts: Engineer – Power Station (1956-1958)
Commencement / keynote speeches at Graduation Ceremonies:
Eastern Michigan University
Cleary University
Western Iowa College
Anatolia College
American College of Thessaloniki, MBA Graduation
Nyenrode Business University, Holland
Madonna Univ. The Annual McManus Lecture
MIT: Distinguished Alumni Speech, Mech. Eng. Department

Activities Relating to Academic Institutions

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology):
Member Development Board.
Member Advisory Committee, Mechanical Engineering Department.
Senior Lecturer Mechanical Engineering Department
Chairman of a Fund Raising Committee in 1997 and raised over $25 million.
Co-chairman of a fund raising committee to raise by June $15 million (already have received over $13 million commitments).
University of Michigan:
Member Advisory Committee, School of Business.
Advisory Committee, Mech. Eng. Department.
Chairman of the Stearn’s Board, School of Music and Theater.
Professor of business strategy and acquisitions
The Business School has named a chair, the
“John Psarouthakis Chair in Manufacturing Management”.

Carnegie Mellon University:
Member of the Board of Trustees.
Member of the Advisory Council, Graduate School of Business Administration.
Lecturer on Management of Research and Development.

Eastern Michigan University:
Founding Chairman of the Center for Entrepreneurship
Chairman of the Development Board, College of Business.
Member of Task Force for the Design and Establishment of the EMU Foundation.
Campaigned / lobbied with the state legislature for funds raised to build the new College of Business building complex.
Visiting lecturer, College of Business.
Anatolia College / ACT:
Trustee, Member of the Board of Trustees.
Designed and lead the launching of an American standards MBA degree program. The college has honored me by naming me Co-Founder of the Degree program.
Also, Organized the Institute for Management Leadership (IML).

College for Creative Arts (Michigan)
Trustee: Member of the Board of Trustees
Chairman of the 1997 Fund raising committee.

Other Awards / Recognitions
“Distinguished Visiting Fellow-Professor”, Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh, Scotland;
Held the Postman Chair for Entrepreneurship, Nyenrode Business University, The Netherlands.
MIT: Corporate Leadership award.
MIT: Clark full tuition and books Scholarship recipient for my Junior and Senior Years
U of M: Entrepreneur’s Award.
Keynote speaker for launching the Center for Entrepreneurship, Carnegie Mellon University
Maryland Academy of Science: Distinguished Young Scientist Award
University of Maryland Outstanding Graduate award
Recipient of Ellis Island Congressional Metal of Honor
Recipient of the Technology University of Crete’s Gold Medal.
Honored by the American Association of Deans of Business Schools for my contributions to Entrepreneurship in academia and practice.
Entrepreneur of the Year, 1988 and 1995, Inc. Magazine
Recipient of numerous other academic, professional, business, and State awards and honors at local and national level.
Have been listed in: American Men of Science, Who is Who in America, Who is Who in the World, Who is Who in Finance, etc.

Visiting / Invited Lecturer / Fellow at the:
University of Edinburgh, Scotland,
Chalmers Technology University, Gothenburg, Sweden,
Karlsruhe Leadership Academy, Germany,
University of Piraeus, Greece
Reutlingen University, Export Academy, Germany,
Madonna University, Detroit, Michigan, and the
Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri
Have given a number of speeches / presentations on management, finance, and capital funding at related conferences in the USA and Europe.
Speeches and Presentations
Various Financial, Professional, Businesses, and Technological Conferences &
Symposia. Here is a partial listing:

Analyst and Investor presentations, too numerous to list separately

• Presentation to Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette Conference: “The JPI-T&N Merger – A Perfect Fit”
• Keynote Speech: “The Second Five Years,” Coopers & Lybrand 2nd Annual Conference honoring Michigan companies who are among America’s 500 fastest-growing companies
• Presentation to Productivity Total Employee Involvement Conference, “Better Makes Us Best”
• Commencement Address to Iowa Western Community College
• Speech to Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette Automotive Investors’ Conference: “The Changing Role of Suppliers”
• Keynote speech, National Conference of Distributers, Lubbock, Texas “Minimizing Cash Flow Needs / Cash Flow Management, Supply Chain Operations”.
• Speech to Greater Detroit Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneurship Forum, “Successfully Managing the Growing Firm”
• Speech to Society of Automotive Analysts Conference: “North America – Its Role in the International Auto Industry”
• Presentation to Downriver Metroplex Business Forum
• Presentation to Gabelli & Company Auto Aftermarket Symposium: “Globalization of the Aftermarket”
• Keynote Speaker at Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce Future Business Leaders Conference
• Presentation to Frost & Sullivan Annual Conference on the Automotive Aftermarket: “Globalization – Issues and Tactics in a Changing World”
• Keynote Speech: “Suppliers Sourcing and Strategy” an Auto-In-Michigan (AIM) seminar for Michigan Department of Commerce Modernization Service
• “The Challenge of Rapid Change,” presented to Detroit Renaissance Forum
• Presentation to First of Michigan Biennial Sales Meeting
• Commencement Address to Eastern Michigan University
• Guest Speaker at Wharton Alumni Association of Michigan Kick-Off Meeting
• Speech to Ann Arbor “Lunch & Learn” Series
• Commencement Address to Cleary University
• Presentation to Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce Small Business Week Conference
• Presentation to Drexel Burnham Lambert Bond Conference
• Speech to National Association of Accountants
• Presentation to Drexel Burnham Lambert Construction Conference
• Presentation to Association of Venture Founders
• Presentation to Financial Analysts Society of Detroit Michigan Companies Forum
• Presentation to Mabon-Nugent Growth Stock Conference
• Presentation to Michigan Forum for Innovative & Technological Entrepreneurs
• Speech to Prescott, Ball & Turben 20th Annual Institutional Investors Seminar
• Speech to New York Society of Securities Analysts
Speech to Association for Corporate Growth, Chicago Chapter
A large number of Science and Engineering Conference Papers related to Space
Technology (list on request).

Articles of mine Published
Have over 100 scientific, management, economic development, and technology articles presented and published in journals and / or conference proceedings in the areas of:

• Direct Energy Conversion
• Plasma, Surface and Solid State Physics
• Metal Forming
• Electrical Transmission
• International Relations
• Management
• Finance
• Technology and Society
• The Cultures of Technology-Intensive Manufacturing
• Higher Education and Economic Development in Greece
-The Challenge of Communications
• The Internet and Small / Medium Size Businesses
R&D and Higher Education: The need to Restructure the Greek System in a Globalizing Market / Economy
• Other

Featured Articles on JPE, JPI and Me
In publications listed below:

•​Business Month
•​Business Week
•​Corporate Detroit
•​The Detroiter
•​Financial World
•​INC Magazine
•​Mergers & Acquisitions
•​Michigan Business
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•​OTC Review
•​Venture Magazine
•​Wall Street Transcript
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•​Ann Arbor News
•​Χανιωτικα Νεα
•​Κυριξ, Χανια

•​Αλες εκδοσεις


“The Technology Imperative: What Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Really Means in the 21st Century”, Gavdos Press, 2012.

“How to Acquire the Right Business” Xlibris, April 2009 (with Lorraine M. Uhlaner)

“Elisabeth’s Gift” Xlibris, March 2008

“To Doron Tis Elisabeth” Ellinika Grammata, 2000 (in Greek, published in Greece)

“Balancing in the Balkans”, St. Martin’s, Press, 1999 (with Raymond Tanter)

“Dynamic Management of Growing Firms”, Univ. of Michigan Press, 1998 (with L. Hendrickson Uhlaner)

“Managing the Growing Firm”, published by Prentice Hall, 1992 (with Lorraine Hendrickson Uhlaner)

«Η Δυναμικη Της Προσπαθειας Δια Βελτιωση», Εχπρεςς, 1992

“Better Makes Us Best”, Productivity Press1989


Chairman for Fund Raising Gala, Pierre Hotel, New York, for The American College of Greece.

Member, Archbishop Iakovos Leadership 100 Foundation.
Chairman of the Strategic Fund of Michigan: a State economic development Agency.
Member of Fund Raising Committee to Build the Michigan Heart and Cardiovascular Medical Center.
Member of numerous fund raising committees in Michigan.
Member of several business, bank, and community Boards and Committees for organizational and fund raising objectives.
e-mail drjohnps@hotmail.com,
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 130-980
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48113, USA
Tel No. 734-747-6921, Mobile: 734-216-0361