Dr. Menas C. Kafatos


Menas C. Kafatos, Ph.D., is the Fletcher Jones Endowed Professor of Computational Physics, and Director of the Center of Excellence of Earth Systems Modeling and Observations at Chapman University; Outstanding Visiting Scientist, Division of Environmental Science & Ecological Engineering, Advisor Brain Korea 21 Plus Eco-Leader Education Center, Korea University; Affiliated Researcher, National Observatory of Athens, Hellas; Executive Director of the Nalanda Consciousness Network. He is a quantum physicist, cosmologist, natural hazards and climate change researcher and works extensively on the quantum physics and the nature of the mind, cosmic Awareness and topics bridging science to philosophy and religion, particularly Orthodox Christianity and Zen Buddhism. He holds lectures and seminars for individuals and organizations on the natural laws that apply everywhere, the foundations of the universe, for well-being and success. His thesis advisor was the renowned M.I.T. professor Philip Morrison who studied under J. Robert Oppenheimer. He is author of 315+ articles, author or editor of 18 books, including The Conscious Universe (Springer), Looking In, Seeing Out (Theosophical Publishing House), Living the Living Presence (in Korean; and Greek, Melissa Publishing, 2017), and is co-author with Deepak Chopra of the New York Times bestselling book, You Are the Universe (Harmony/Random House/Penguin, 2017). He maintains a Huffington Post blog. You can learn more at http://www.menaskafatos.com