Prof. Costas Triantaphyllidis CV


Professor Emeritus Costas Triantaphyllidis graduated with honors from the School of Natural Sciences of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece). He specialized in Genetics in the U.S.A. and France, and in Human Genetics in Newcastle University (U.K.). In 1986, he was appointed Professor of Genetics and Human Genetics at the School of Biology of the Aristotle University. His scientific research in the field of Human Genetics has mainly focused on the study of the genetic heritage of the inhabitants of Greece in order to investigate their biological history and their relationship with other Eurasian and African populations, the molecular investigation of hereditary diseases, and the use of DNA analysis for forensic cases. During his tenure, he was co-ordinator or participant in several national and international projects, establishing an excellent record of co-operation with globally-recognised experts. Prof. Triantaphyllidis has authored or co-authored dozens of original publications in international academic journals, as well as 10 textbooks on Genetics and Biotechnology. In recent years, his interests have focused on providing scientific information to a wider audience. He has written newspaper articles and held lectures as an invited speaker at several venues and national and international symposia on current issues related to the applications of genetics and biotechnology in humans and their bioethical considerations arising from the use of modern genetic technologies. In 2014, he published his first book for the general public: The Genetic History of Greece – The DNA of the Greeks aiming to provide Greeks with clear and concise biological information on the subject. He followed this with the book entitled The Genetic Origins of the Greeks” in Greek (2017) in Greek and in English).