Dr. George Blytas books


Μπλύτας Γεώργιος, PhD, Διδάκτωρ Φυσικοχημείας, Συγγραφεύς, Τέξας, ΗΠΑ


The book may be purchased at a) Amazon.com, b) The American Hellenic Institute Foundation, at http://www.ahiworld.org, and c) Greece in Print, at http://www.greeceinprint.com

More information concerning the book and my bio may be obtained by googling George C. Blytas.

The book is 574 pages long and contains numerous illustrations and maps. Greek, English, French, Italian and German sources have been used. Many interviews were done in Epirus and Crete, while secondary sources and illustrative material are mostly, but not exclusively from the Historical Archives of the War Museum in Athens, and from the Archives of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The description of the battles are based on the respective publications of the Greek Ministry of National Defense and corroborated by foreign sources. The Introduction of the book covers the period from 1909 to 1940 both in the world and in Greece, including the Asia Minor catastrophe.

The First Victory ,Greece in the Second World War has received many favorable reviews.

I would be honored to see my book included in those being read by the members of your group.
George Blytas