Artificial Intelligence Needles Conscious Eye



Prof. John kontos and Polly Kasda

Book Description
Publication Date: 2015
CONTENTS Preface Introduction by John Kontos Twixt the cup and the lip. Introduction by Polyxene kasda Part A Needles by John Kontos 1. Artificial Intelligence 2. The Turing Test 3. Introspection, “Machine Consciousness” and “Autoendoscopic Systems” 4. Gestalt 5. Conceptual Maps 6. The Chair 7. Artificial Vision in Technology and Art 8. Sartre’s La Nausee 9. Tinkering 10. Metaphor 11. Metacognitive Instruction 12. Creativity 13. Artificial or Computational Creativity 14. Computational Scientific Discovery and Innovation 15. Computational Creativity in Poetry, Art and Music 16. Automatic Analysis of Diegesis 17. Automatic Synthesis of Diegesis Part B The Conscious Eye by Polyxene Kasda Epilogue by Polyxene Kasda and John Kontos CV of P. Kasda CV of J. Kontos Artificial Intelligence Professor John Kontos reviews some recent research in his field and particularly in the subfields that promote the technologies of Machine Consciousness and Computational Creativity that are inspired by Human Consciousness and Human Creativity. Most of the topics reviewed were mentioned in Poly Kasda’s Greek book of the eighties entitled “The Conscious Eye”, published herein in an English adaptation. It is envisaged that this book will contribute to the development of the emerging interdisciplinary fields of Machine Consciousness and Computational Creativity as well as of the wider field of interaction between Artificial Intelligence and Art. Professor John Kontos has published research papers and educational texts in many areas of Artificial Intelligence including: Man-machine Interaction, Question Answering, Causal Reasoning, Diegesis Analysis, Machine learning, Artificial Discovery and Machine Consciousness. “The “needling” of my Conscious Eye with darts of fresh A.I. info was an evolving language game through teledialogues with John prompting me to be more alert to my own information processing! “. Polyxene Kasda

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