Books of our Acamemics-2016 (50)

Whole big wall covered with lot of books


1.- Artificial Intelligence Needles Conscious Eye by John Kontos (1)

2.- Education and Neuron Network Based Systems by Dr.   Ιωάννης Ν. Χατζόπουλος (1)

3.- Books by  Nikolas Kaloy (Kalogeropoulos)-Geneva(30)

4.- Books by Dr. John Psarouthakis (2)

5.- Books by Mr. Damianos Vasiliadis (2)

6.- Dr. Xristos Tartaris (4)

7.- Prof.  Christos Evangeliou (2)

8.- Prof. Ellene Phufas  (1)

9.- Dr. Nikolaos Moraitis (2)

10.- Dr. Ioannis Bougas (3)

11.- Dr. Vasiliki Arroniadou (1)

12.- Dr. George Blytas (1)


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