From the European Union

of the Cold War to a Renaissance Europe

Evaggelos Vallianatos
Scholar and author of several books, including , “Poison Spring: The Secret


The European Union is the result of the horrific effects of World War II: some 60 million dead, genocide, and barbaric destruction of epic proportions. The surviving European statesmen and the American supervisors of the reconstruction of the burned and bombed continent decided Europe desperately needed a different future.

Germany and France, Europe’s most vociferous enemies, would have to bury the hatchet. The victors of WWII, including France, made certain Germany would never be in a position for acquiring nuclear weapons.

The US and Russia, then known as the Soviet Union, divided and occupied Germany. US, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom earned a permanent position at the UN Security Council and developed nuclear bombs.

But no sooner than the war ended, another version started. The sworn enemies of capitalism and communism were itching for a fight. Experts call this fight “cold” war to differentiate it from hot war that, inevitably, would become nuclear and terminal.

The cold war, was, basically, a global confrontation between the capitalist US and communist Russia and their allies. The US and Russia fomented hostile acts and ideological hatred against each other.

Just like NATO, the EU came into being as a US protégé against Russia. This changed the mentality in America and Europe about Germany. Now the US upgraded its status of Germany as an ally. Indeed, the US used German physicists and engineers for its rearmament and forgave Germany’s massive war debt.

In 1989, the Soviet Union abandoned its communist utopia and returned to capitalism. The end of the Soviet Union and its vast empire brought the cold war to an end, or that’s what we like to believe.

The resurrection of Russia was extremely painful. But Russia allowed the West and East Germany to become one under the continued supervision of capitalist America.

It’s this unified Germany that runs the EU. American priorities are German priorities.

So it’s not surprising that corporate ascendancy and the gross inequality it’s been fostering in America found its way into the EU. In fact, Germany plays its American card so well that, suddenly, the land of Hitler and race purity is becoming a heaven for non-white Moslems. Angela Merkel had definitely Obama in mind when she opened German borders to about a million Middle Eastern refugees.

It’s this vigorous American globalization camouflaged as humanitarianism, and pushed by Germany onto the EU countries that is producing political instability verging on revolt in Europe.

Germany is exporting machines to the world. Globalization is good business for Germany. But globalization has not been kind to the central and southern EU countries. The crowds of the European unemployed fuse with the crowds of Moslem refugees. The mixture may become combative, raising the specter of a future Moslem conquest of Europe by no other means than the fast rise of Moslem population already in Europe.

The departure of the UK from the EU is a telling sign the EU is falling apart. Its design was done under the toxic ideology of the cold war. Globalization and fake humanitarianism are undermining the model of a fortress America-EU.

But aside from the unpleasant repercussions of the UK departure, what really makes the EU unviable is the fact the EU is not really a union of European states. It is rather a union of American and European banks in charge of the EU and its institutions.

The current ruthless EU policy towards Greece makes that clear. Yes, Greece foolishly went into debt. But since when an independent state loses its sovereignty to anonymous banks? It used to be that only a defeated country would be forced to abandon its self-government. Greece fought no war. It only borrowed money it has difficulty in repaying back. And yet EU and America’s International Monetary Fund disarmed Greece and systematically are exploiting the country’s assets and treasures and impoverish the entire Greek population. How different is this desperate reality in Greece from the German occupation of he country in the 1940s? Doesn’t this remind us of the Mafia?

Second, the EU-IMF occupation of Greece facilitated a Moslem refugee invasion of the country. Greece is not Germany with its deep sense of righting its genocidal past. Greece has no obligation to self-destruct.

EU needs to redesign itself as a real political union of equal members with common defense, economy, education and culture. Greek should be the official language of Europe. That would seal Europe’s Greek origins and civilization.

Of course, this bold new vision must bring to an end both bad globalization and oligarchic Wall Street economics for policies of environmental and human well-being.

Europe has enormous talent and diversity. It has a chance to show the rest of the world how people live examined and prosperous lives. Part of that would be the immediate rejection of the hitherto atrocious EU-IMF policies in Greece for a real solution beneficial to all.

Second, a new democratic Europe guided by Greek ideals should work tenaciously against pollution, global warming, and war. It can also put to an end the globalization of toxic corporate agriculture for the small family farmers and their wholesome and safe food and way of life.

Not merely Greece, but the world needs a new Europe, a new paradigm of life on Earth. The world is tired with destruction.

The world needs a renaissance of old tested wisdom married to the best of science for human happiness and environmental health. Europe is well qualified to bring about this desired renaissance.


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