Why the so-called “Prespa Agreement”, 17/6/18, is completely illegal


and violates the Greek Constitution, the laws of the Greek state, and International Law

By Dr. George Romanos

A basic rule of propaganda says, “If you want to hide something, you should hide it under the eyes of the entire world.” This is the case with the title of the “Prespa Agreement”. Everyone sees it, but no one analyzes it until now. The devastating effects for Greece start exactly from the title, divided into three parts, as follows: A. “Final agreement on the settlement of disputes described in United Nations Security Council Resolutions” 817 (1993) and 845 (1993). B. “Termination of the 1995 Interim Agreement”, and C. “Strengthening the Strategy, Partnership”.

In Part A. the generalized wording: “dispute settlement” means the blame is divided 50/50 between Skopje and Greece, as if Greece has stolen something from Skopje, while the opposite is the case.

Part II, the “Interim Agreement” which supposedly is abolished today by the “Prespa Agreement”, is an international disgrace. Actually the “Interim Agreement” was violated in its 40 points and was abolished by the Skopje governments, as well as the Confidence Building Measures. It was mainlyabolished by the Gruevski government when he proceeded to the heinous theft of the national heritage belonging to the only Macedonia, the northern Greek territory with the erection of pseudo-archaic buildings, statues of Alexander the Great, Philip, the Macedonians carrying Saris, and especially with the theft of symbols, star of Vergina, ect.

It is noted that the “Interim Agreement” was never ratified by the Greek Parliament. So, in connection with its total infringement from Skopje, it was already in fact void. Yet, an international fraud, in collaboration with Greeks, was set up to register it at the UN as a “Simplified Form Agreement”. But, what international or Greek jurisprudence covers this dishonesty? That is, what kind of validity does agreement carries when one participating party breaks down all the rules, shows consistently bad faith and uses elements of international historical fraud?

Part C. of the title requires the “consolidation of strategy and partnership” between Greece and Skopje. And here is the core of the whole problem. Because what is important to foreign politicians, militant elite and their local counterparts who are “given their say” is to place Skopje in NATO and the EU by stamping history, humiliating international law and any scientific truth, pretending to be an”Agreement” allegedly made for the “Name”. While their aim is to consolidate their disruptive plans in the Balkans, redrawing borders, directly, or in the years to come.

So the absolutely unacceptable name “North Macedonia” was the bait because this “Agreement” is ultimately a deadly trap for the whole of Greece and not only for the true Macedonia the northern Greek region. The “Agreement” is a deadly trap that is consisted of compulsive, onerous, unbearable terms, as if our country had been defeated in war. It is slavery that creates risks of dissolution of the Greek state and aims to turn it into smaller entities in the form of a perfectly controlled, loose federation in place of today’s Greece.

If the “Prespa Agreement” is ratified, these long-standing, as I will prove, are the plans against the statehood of our country. And this is done with specific articles of the “Agreement”, written in a way of a telegraph, which impose, I will repeat, enslavement and burdensome unilateral obligations as if the Greeks had been defeated by Skopje.

And for those who rightly demand proof, I will quote them immediately as they are formulated with cynical clarity in the “Prespa Agreement”. This, I will repeat, supposedly to settle the ‘Name’ issue:

ARTICLE 1.3, e: “The country codes for car plates (in FYROM) will be NM and NMK. For all other purposes (i.e. trade), will remain MKs and MKD”therefore plain Macedonia and this is final.

In the same article we read this outrageous: “Nothing in Article 1.3 will affect the current commercial use until the mutual agreement as it is provided in this subsection is found.” So, as long as Skopje disagrees, they will be able to steal Greek brands and commercial names in the future. A catalytic clause on this theft does not exist. Thus, Greece will have to take legal action on a case-by-case basis under the codes of the Spanish city of Alicante, where the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) is located (EU institution), and where trademarks, industrial designs, or Templates are registered.And Greece must prove that it is “not an elephant.” That is, thename “Macedonia”, “Macedonian”, and so on, has first been stolen, and then it is indeed Greek. But even a well-meaning international judge had to judge between the two entities, whom would he supportthe state of “Macedonia” or the Greek “province of Macedonia”?

ARTICLE 6, 1,2,3: “With a view to enhancing friendly bilateral relations … each Party shall IMMEDIATELY take all effective measures provided by law to discourage and prevent the occurrence of acts by private parties, etc. “. And this means that whoever of the vast majority of Greeks does not accept this “Agreement” and goes against it he/she will be PERSECUTED.

ARTICLE 9: Greece is obliged to agree that its strategic cooperation (with Skopje) shall extended to all areas such as agriculture, civil protection, defense, economy, energy, the environment, industry, infrastructure, investment, political relations, tourism, trade, cross-border cooperation and transport. “

Of course this complete identification between Greece and Skopje proves that the thing goes elsewhere … But how is it certain that all these will be achieved automatically with a single “Agreement”? Why, all of this is required by our country at bilateral level and right away? Has Greece signed such bilateral “Agreements” with EU countries, into which it is a member?

I note that we have a “strategic relationship” with Turkey inNATO, and corporate-trade relations, but for decades we have been in an undeclared war, without NATO’s intervention, as it is its duty under Article 1 of its statutes. So the so-called “strategy and partnership” with Skopje does nothing to secure Greece, while it guarantees security of others…

ARTICLE 13: In Greece, it is imperative that, as Skopje is an enclosed state, the “provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea” apply, but also agreements that will “apply when they are agreed”, that is to say in the future.

Therefore Greece is obliged to give up now the ports of Thessaloniki and Kavala, for the sake of “the cooperation” and in the future its EEZ. Therefore, Greece can NOT escape this “Agreement” ever.

The reality of the monstrous ARTICLE 13 was revealed in cynical terms when Mr. Papadimoulis, Vice-President of the European Parliament, offered to Skopje the ports of Thessaloniki and Kavala 9/24/2018. And Mr Zaevon the same day in a statement, said that “the citizens of my country will use the port of Thessaloniki for commercial and other purposes” and that of course also means a right to the Greek EEZ. Why is this not happening in the ports of Albania or Bulgaria? Why is this insistence on linking exclusively with Thessaloniki and the only Macedonia which is the northern region of Greece? What are the real purposes of this compulsive “Agreement” for our country?

ARTICLE 14: Greece is obliged to cooperate in all areas“economy, investments, energy, photovoltaics, wind and hydroelectricity” also “construction, maintenance and use of interconnected gas and oil pipelines existing, under construction and planned”.

WARNING: Those that WILL BE designed! How could Greece be committed to what will happen in the future?

In the same Article 14, it is imperative that“Greece transfers to Skopje, know-how in technology and experience. […] in the areas of infrastructure, transport, road, rail, sea, air and communications, …including ports and airports in the territory.” This is where the entire subjugation of Greece to Skopje project is unfolding. That is why the Germans are leaking, that they are planning pharaonic river construction projects with huge connections to Axios, Morava, and Danube, to serve the German mainland.

However, in Article 15, any doubt of Greece’s enslavement is overcome, as Greece is obliged to transfer: “information, scientific and technical archives, including digital technology and nanotechnology.” Really, how could Skopje go on without nanotechnology! It cannot be done!

Of great importance is the fact that the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the UN, Mr. Matthew Nimetz, played a leading role in an international fraud agreement. The mandate he had received from the UN was limited to the settlement of the Skopje “Nomenclature” and he was forbidden to participate in debates dealing with dozens of other issues, such as the “strategicpartnership plan” of separatist union of Skopje with the onlyMacedonia, the northern region of Greece.

And yet, misleading the international legitimacy, he ratified the “Prespa Agreement” and even referred to it as “Witness”. The fact that Matthew Nimetz seriously misinterpreted and exceeded his powers to the point of extreme abuse is evidenced by the following two documents which are registered in the relevant UN records with the following codes:

a. UN doc. S/RES/817, (1993), Preambulatory Clause (3), και

b. in the absolutely relevant letter of the then UN Secretary General Boutros-Boutros Ghali who it sent to the UN Security Council during the discussion of the well-known Plan Vans-Owen (1993), code: UN Doc. S/RES/25855 (28 May 1993), «Letter Dated 26 May 1993 from the Secretary General Addressed to the President of the Security Council,»pr 12-13.

FACTS regarding Greece’s dismembering:

1st Fact: The wider context of this project has already been created within the EU. And it is the “Free Trade Zone” project with special status of cheap labor from illegal immigrants. At the same time, the new Greek legislation, with direct citizenship, (which is given by the “Prespa Agreement”) to illegal immigrants will also provide electoral rights to those who forcefully invade Greece. Given the initiative of their religious rights, or through municipal factions, or the creation of a secessionist party of a so-called “Greater Macedonia”, the worst will come into the area. The Albanians, who championed the referendum in Skopje, as “Macedonians”, can also immigrate via this venue to Greece, offering cheap labor. 

2nd Fact: The design of Greece in “Free Trade Zones” was made world-famous by the public proposal of the President of the German Industrialists, a friend of Chancellor Merkel, Mr. Hans Peters Peter Cartel, who in an interview with Spiegel, said: “to declare all Greece” “Special Economic Zone “”. This will be dealt by the regime, governing the subsidiary companies. Thus, seven “Free Economic Zones” will be set up where industries, crafts and manufacturing companies fromNorthern Europe, China and other Asian countries will be located, which will operate with millions of illegal immigrants permanently settled in Greece. It is well-known that Mrs. Merkel introduced more than one million low-paid workers to Germany and wants more.

3rd Fact: For more than 100 years, German politics have been trying to dissolve and redefine Europe. Today, the German “European Center for Minorities”, founded in 1996, headed by Mr Stephan Trembst, is an indisputable fact. Mr. Tembst is the subsequent “consul general” in the unrecognized state of Kosovo (!). This and other so-called “Study Centers” are directly ideological descendants of the Nazis. They are the ones who demanded the multiplication and dissolution of the Balkans, based on their own sick perception of “biology” and “DNA” of some imaginary ethnicities, (amounting in 282) that they themselves discovered as oppressed. And, according to their logic, many small states should be created in Europe.  Germany should be the one to guide them.

4th fact: The plan of creating cantons and later the secession of Macedonia has its official, undisputed history. I remind you that Thessaloniki was liberated by the Greek army on the evening of 26th to October 27th 1912, but it was handed over to Greece after ten months, after the “London Conference”, 1912, the “Athens Protocol”, 1913, the 1913 “Treaty of London”, the “Treaty of London”, 30 May 1913, and finally the “Treaty of Bucharest”, July 28, 1913. It is a fact that the raucous struggle of the official plan of the Austro-Hungarian Foreign Minister and other forces from Thessaloniki, which wanted the city and a wide region around it, as an autonomous province, either under Austrian influence or as a Bulgarian protectorate, lasted for ten months. Luckily the project failed. But, it was not forgotten. This is the reason that the chancellor of Austria was among the first ones to run in Skopje and express his warm support for the “Prespa Agreement”.

5th Fact: Today, there are other serious reasons why some people want our Macedonia with Thessaloniki and Kavala to join a common state with Skopje. I would like to mention, for those who do not know, that in 1986, a relevant study of the Public Petroleum Company (Δ.Ε.Π.) was located in the Thermaikos exploitable oil deposits for which a relevant study was submitted to the Greek state. The same study confirms exploitable deposits, initially natural gas, in Epanomi and other areas.

Similar studies exist for uranium and special metal deposits such as iridium, osmium, red mercury and other rare elements, useful in the nuclear industry. Gold has already been mined, and for decades we have been told that it had “dried up …”. Indicatively, one kilo of red mercury costs about £ 300,000 or $ 400,000.

So, here is why Greece, the country of the Memoranda, that has lost its national sovereignty over its state property for the next almost 100 years, and has been illegally enrolled in English law as a country of economically dependent fatherhood, now accepts an all-out attack through “The Prespes Agreement “.

Specific Issues and Impacts of the “Prespa Agreement”

It is self-evident that: “Northern Macedonia”, as the name of a Skopje state, automatically creates a “South Macedonia” as a province within Greece. The fake “Macedonian” ethnicity is recognized by ethnic Slav-Albanians, and the so-called “Macedonian” language in Bulgarian-Serbian speaking peoples. In the referendum of 9/30/2018, 65% of Skopje citizens who were absent demanded the name Macedonia. I remind you that Mr. Zafe voted in a polling station against the background of the so-called “Great Macedonia” map. Thus, today, months after the “Agreement”, it is intensifying instead of reducing the pseudo-irredentist policy of Skopje for the creation of a non-existent historical and scientific “Great Macedonian”.

With all this, it is clear that the “Agreement” affects the core of the public interest of the Greek state, and it is self-evident that Macedonia, the northern part of the Greek state loses its historical and social autonomy. The Greek people, who, for the most part see surrendering the true Macedonian identity and losing all its ethnic, linguistic, cultural and commercial achievements consider the “Prespa Agreement” treacherous. The surrendering of the “name” to Skopje means the cynical sellout of our Macedonian and the absolutely Greek adjective “Macedonian”.

It is already discussed by Greeks in name only concessive supporters, that the names: “University of Macedonia”, “Society of Macedonian Studies”, and “Museum of Macedonian Struggle” should be changed. The “Macedonia Airport” in Thessaloniki, according to the current mayor of Thessaloniki, should be called “Mikra Airport”. Also, any private enterprise called “Macedonia”, “Macedonian”, should change its name, since under the “Agreement” that the Greeks will be entitled to mostly, will be “South-Macedonian” and “South-Macedonian (adjective)”.

The problem of the moral of our new officers and soldiers who will know that they do not worthy to fight and die for their homeland, since everything will be sold outwill also be destructive.

If the “Agreement” passes, the Macedonian fallen heroes should be named otherwise; and so should the Macedonian Struggle. Especially because the Struggle was given against the ancestors of today’s Skopje and Bulgarian communists. I note that the SNOF Serb-communist organization, later NOP, was based in Skopje and was fighting against Greece at the end of the 1944-1949 Civil War. But such a grave attack on our dead Macedonian heroes will forever seal Greece’s perpetual national shame.

*Τμήματα ομιλιών του Γ. Ρ. στη Θεσσαλονίκη, στις 3/10/18 στο κινηματοθέατρο «Αλέξανδρος», και 15/10/18, στο Εμπορικό και Βιομηχανικό Επιμελητήριο Θεσσαλονίκης.