Greek Minister Dendias expresses anger over Skopje team’s jerseys in Euro 2020

President Zoran Zaev on his Facebook wall

“Today from the stadium in Amsterdam I give strong support to the Macedonian football team. Thanks to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte – Minister-President for inviting us to watch the match together. Sports diplomacy is powerful. Prime Minister Rutte knows that guest field goals are the most valuable, but no matter the result of the match, today #MKD and #NED are even closer.

I wish a successful match for the Macedonian national team players. Go guys! Play brave, we are already proud of you”.

This is a video where Metropolitan of Povardari, Agathangelos, advertises very provocatively on national television, a map of “Greater Macedonia” including Macedonia, the northern territory of Greece.

The Metropolitan stated characteristically: “They fear this map of Macedonia. Let our new generations see here how much our Macedonian country was and be proud of it!” The incident happened during the TV show “What is not clear” of the Alfa TV channel on March 10, 2021.

In Tourism:

On Facebook, the official website “Macedonia Timeless” remains active and is constantly updated. It bears a logo consisting of the Sun of Vergina (a Greek symbol) and the phrase “Macedonia Timeless”.

The Nationa Canoe Federation is named  ‘Кајакарската федерација на “Македонија’ and on its website there are references to “Macedonia” and “Republic of Macedonia”.за-кфм/

President Zoran Zaev on soccer game with Germany:

United Macedonia Diaspora in USA :

United Macedonia Diaspora in Australia:

The Macedonian Academy of Sciences continues and like many other state and non-governmental institutions, associations, etc. to use the term “Macedonia” and “Macedonian”.

The National Gallery, the National Theater in Skopje report that they are institutions related to “Macedonia”, as well as the Museum of “Macedonian Struggle”. The country is still referred to as “Macedonia” or “Republic of Macedonia” on the websites of public and state organizations, as are the names of monuments. the National Gallery Museum of the Macedonian Struggle Macedonian National Theater

On the website for the tourist promotion of the country, the use of the term “Macedonia” or “Republic of Macedonia” continues, while it is typically mentioned that the Ohrid Marathon is the largest sports event in “Macedonia”.

 “…Chief of Macedonian Delegation in Nato PA…”

Here the Chief is photographed with the Sun of Vergina in the stadium:

Speech at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). See how many times Skopje’s Representative mentions his country as plain Macedonia.