Dr. Gregory Gysi

Dr. Gregor Gysi

Member of the parliamentary party “DIE LINKE” in the German Bundestag
Curriculum vitae:
Born on 16th of January 1948 in Berlin, divorced, three children
1954 to 1962 primary school
1962 to 1966 high school; in parallel, an apprenticeship in cattle breeding
1966 Final secondary-school examination
1966 to 1970 study of law at the Humboldt University Berlin
1970 to 1971 assistant to a judge, later assistant to a lawyers ́ organization (“Collegium of lawyers”)
1971 – 1975 extraordinary aspirant at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Dissertation A, Dr. jur.
Since 1971 a chartered lawyer in Berlin
1988 to 1989 Cairman of the “Collegium of lawyers” in Berlin and Chairman of the Council of the “Collegium of the lawyers in the GDR” . Member of the trade union “ver.di
December 1989 to January 1993 Chairman of the Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS)
18th March to 2nd October 1990 Member of the GDR Parliament (“Volkskammer”) and Chairman of the parliamentary party of the PDS
3rd October 1990 to 1st February 2002 Member of the German Bundestag
1990 to 1998 Chairman of the PDS group and, 1998 to October 2000, Chairman of the PDS parliamentary party.
17th January 2002 until his resignation on 31st July 2002 Deputy Mayor of Berlin and Senator for Economics, Labour und Women ́s Issues in the SPD-PDS coalition governing the city of Berlin
From August 2002 onwards again active as a lawyer.
18th September 2005 – 2009 elected directly in the constituency No. 85 (Berlin- Treptow-Köpenick) to the German Bundestag. Together with Oskar Lafontaine Chairman of the parliamentary party “DIE LINKE”.
November 2009 – 13th October 2015 the chairmen of the parliamentary party “DIE LINKE”.
Since September 2009 elected directly in the constituency No. 85 (Berlin-Treptow- Köpenick) to the German Bundestag again. Chairman of the parliamentary party “DIE LINKE”.
17th of December 2016 the president of the European Left Party.
Chairman of the German-Greek parliamentary group, Deputy Chairman of the German-Russian parliamentary group and Member of the German-Pacific Parliamentary Group. Since May 2020 is the foreign policy spokesman of the parliamentary fraction DIE LINKE