PSERIMOS: Assistance is required for the remaining projects of the Primary School of Pserimos…


Dear Friends, Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce that the renovation of Pserimos School (at a Greek Island) is coming to an end.  All expenses have been covered and we have scheduled the opening for September 3, 2023.  Thank you for your help in this great national project.

However, we are convinced that our efforts should not stop here. The additional projects of the building and schoolyard are equally important so that the goals of  the Pserimos School becomes are completely fulfilled and it becomes a school to be admired. For this reason, we need your help in completing these project:

More specifically, we still need to develop a comprehensive and well-designed playground, build a basketball court, install a sculpture depicting Alexander the Great  and install a photovoltaic roof. 

If you wish, you can undertake to support one of these projects or send your donation here:

We express our gratitude for your contribution and participation in this national project. Together we can complete the creation of a beautiful and functional school for our students in Pserimos.


Capt. Evangelos Rigos

President International Hellenic Association Tel: 693 9250584 — Email:

International Hellenic Association

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