Nina Gatzoulis

                                                                                                                      Coordinator of the World Pan-Macedonian Assocυiations


  Phone: 603-742-0466



The World Pan-Macedonian Associations, taking into account the latest developments in the name of the neighboring country of Skopje and in view of the upcoming elections unanimously, decide the following:


1. The bilateral “Prespa Agreement”, signed on 17 June 2018, by the then Foreign Minister of Greece, Mr. Nikos Kotzias, without the consent of the Greek people, will never be accepted by the Macedonians.


2. The agreement insults Hellenism and especially us Macedonians because it intentionally donates our language, culture, ethnicity and our history to the neighboring state, which is a mixture of ethnicities. In addition, the unprecedented disorder in the international diplomacy, that of the “Prespa Agreement”, vandalizes the science of history, as it attempts a massive forgery: the history of the one and only Macedonia.


3. The “Prespa Agreement” removes from the collective memory of the international community all the intangible elements of the culture and history of our Macedonia. This shameful agreement is an unprecedented world crime, because it creates from nowhere a fake country, a forged nation and a fake language, with stolen materials of another peoples, the Greeks.


4. The Prespa Agreement is an unacceptable, dangerous and nationally damaging agreement. It is a defeat without a war. This onerous agreement not only does not solve issues but creates new ones, as it is an unquestionable economic andbusiness nightmare for our local Macedonian businesses. In addition, it triggersSkopje’s expansionism and the risk of destabilizing the region in the future. 


5. We agree with the decision of the Greek Political Leaders of 1992, which excluded the name of Macedonia or any of its derivatives from any future official name of the neighboring country. 


6. We demand from the next Hellenic Parliament to cancel the Prespa Agreement,or to place this important national issue on the will of the Greek people by a referendum.





Pan-Macedonian Association of USA

President: Dimitris Filippidis

Pan-Macedonian Federation of Australia

President: George Kosmidis

Pan-Macedonian Association of Canada

President: Dr. Christos Karatzios

Pan-Macedonian Association of South Africa

President: Amyntas Papathanasiou

Pan-Macedonian Federation of Canada

President: George Papadakisuu

Pan Hellenic Federation of Cultural Associations (Greece)

President: Dimitris Gioumatzidis




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