Thank you letter to Mrs. Helen Theocharous

Claymont, Delaware 19703

Athens, Greece
November 22, 2018

Mrs. Helen Theoharous, MP
Europarliamentarian and President of the Cyprus’s Movement “Political Solidarity”

Honorable Mrs Theoharous,

There are many human rights theorists, but hardly any who put their support into action with honest selflessness as you do. You have repeatedly proved it to the European Parliament and you have done so yet one more time in the village of Vouliarates of Northern Epirus at the funeral of the worthy son of our country, Constantine Katsifas, who was murdered in cold blood by the special forces of the Albanian police (RENEA). You honored him with your presence, despite the furious reaction of the dictatorial regime of Albania and the campaign of defamation by certain internationalists, some of whom happen to be officials in the Greek establishment.

Your persistence in defending values is evident in your statement, “They will deter neither my resistance nor my will or passion for securing the human rights of the horribly oppressed Greeks of Northern Epirus”, a statement that inspires all Greeks, inviting us to vigilance and unity in our efforts to secure the rights of our Northern Epirus compatriots.

The response of the Rama regime, which proclaimed you “persona non grata”, admittedly the highest honor for any politician who respects freedom, came without delay. Any other response would be subordinate to your services to the homeland and to our compatriots in Northern Epirus who are oppressed by the Albanian regime.

In the era of the circumvention of any notion of humanism and political culture, your example fills us with pride and hope that not all is lost and that certain values proven to be eternal remain intact, since people who represent them do not stoop to the degradation of human dignity, but remain standing and struggling. As your compatriot, war veteran Vassos Lyssaridis put it: “If you do not kneel willingly, then even dead you cannot be forced to kneel.”

You are indeed worthy of the title of “Stateswoman of Hellenism”, since you in fact unite Northern Epirus Hellenes in a common front with their Greek and Cypriot compatriots. Your stance towards the preservation of our ancestors’ legacy in defending our country and our values is both noble and laudable. Paying tribute to you on behalf of the International Hellenic Association is the least we can do.

May your example be followed by others!

Yours sincerely,

For the Executive Council of the International Hellenic Association1

Capt. Evangelos Rigos – President

1The International Hellenic Association- IHA is a non-profit, non-partisan entity chartered in Delaware USA. Its members primarily come from the academic sector around the globe. Besides academicians, among IHA members are included former diplomats, military officers, state officials, journalists, entrepreneurs, scientists, free-lancers and other preeminent figures of the Hellenic society. The purpose of IHA is to electronically unite Hellenism and assist Hellas (Greece) through its committees in matters of national and cultural nature.

Following is the open letter-appeal of the IHA to International Organizations which have the responsibility and duty to investigate the murder of Constantine Katsifas, so that justice will be served.

1. In English,
2. In Greek,

Source : International Hellenic Association

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